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Designed for physical prowess & sole reliance on corporate contracts for all facets of life ranging from gear & apparel to product endorsements & supplement use, most athletes live lives of satisfaction and content...but recently, a few bad eggs got into a batch of next generation athletes. These bad eggs have been questioning things...things that ought not to be questioned.

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland of modern science, chemical dependence & molecular modification, test-tube athletes are created & grown in laboratories, fed amorphous powders & liquids as sustenance & endure physiologically advanced exercise regimens requiring super human feats of strength.

Day after day, a new generation of superhuman athletes are created while older models are effectively destroyed. Every day welcomes a new dawn of science, a new class of chemically enriched food, a new regimen of workouts.



GEORGANNE MOLINE, Olympian, 400m Hurdles

TAYLOR BUSH, Hammer Throw

They must be stopped.

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These bad eggs want to know who they are, where they came from, what their purpose is and what they're being fed. They are defective. Independent thought & critical analysis is not for the athlete. Someone has been tampering with their DNA...dare we accuse that someone is attempting to reinstate a sense of humanity in these athletes. Now these defects want to break out.

a NEW FOOD PHILOSOPHY original story

Darlena birch

emanuela dadarlat

[author, photographer]


[imagery & layout]



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